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Julie Russell from Russell & Decoz Real Estate

Digital Nomads


The paradigm shift with Covid-19 leads to global migration. How the allure and beneficial conditions of the Algarve offers the physical space to those who work in the virtual.

They are all over the country and they arrive from different countries of the world looking for a safe place to work.

Europe understands this concept and has already developed a special Visa to cater for them. If the Algarve region had many tourists, now we have many digital nomads. It's a whole new opportunity that arises from the pandemic.

Julie Russell from Russell & Decoz Real Estate

Covid-19 and the East Algarve

Covid-19 and the East Algarve – (Reading time 8 min)

In reality the Algarve Sotavento has nothing special to do with covid-19, however this pandemic has significantly changed the way our customers look, and what they look for in properties they want to buy for living or investment purposes: different typologies, locations and new needs have emerged since the pandemic appeared.

The Sotavento Algarvio with lower housing density has become an even more appreciated place for those who want to feel safer, work from home or look for a property where they can live during lockdown.

Julie Russell from Russell & Decoz Real Estate

Photos Real Estate Russell-Decoz

Photos 2021 – (Reading time 6 min)

At Russell-Decoz we know the importance of quality images that accurately demonstrate the product on offer.

We seek to have the best selection of images in order to show you with all rigor everything that the property has to offer.

We are constantly investing more time and materials to make sure that we have the photos that will help you to decide to buy or sell with Russell-Decoz.

Our constant demand for more and better quality images has led us to be invited to advertise in prestigious Portuguese magazines such as Urbana, where the technical demand is high.

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