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Are all real estate agencies the same? No. And we explain why.

The basic aspects of real estate mediation.

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Selling and buying real estate is very different for those who sell and for those who buy. The goal of a buyer is to buy their dream property at the lowest price, the seller instead wants to sell at the highest possible price. Complex. That is why there are real estate agents, to make this process as balanced as possible.

Making a sale without professional support is not impossible but it entails a lot of questions and time. Professional real estate agents are used to dealing with these situations and it is the most prudent choice to work with one.

A successful sale is achieved through solid experience and ethics of a professional who demonstrates knowledge in several areas: construction, law, design, market values amongst others. The seller will take advantage of this know-how, saving time and reducing worries as the whole process will be well managed.


Why is Russell-Decoz a real estate agent way ahead?

Russell-Decoz has the AMI nr license. 870 and since its creation in 1992 it complies with all the rules established by IMPIC - Institute of Public Markets for Real Estate and Construction.

The company is associated with APEMIP the oldest association of Real Estate Agents of Portugal. Our team is multidisciplinary and every year participates in new training.

Since 1992 we have a worked closely with various lawyers, architects, engineers, and builders, amongst other specialists who help us improve the service we can offer, presenting to our clients, buyers and sellers alike the best solutions.

Where are we ahead of the rest?

Decades of experience!

Since 1992 we have been working in the Portuguese market and we have sold many properties. Our team hasn't changed much over the years. We have practical and theoretical experience in several areas and we are in continuous development.

With a legal activity registered by the Portuguese government, we are one of the oldest companies in not just the Algarve but also Portugal as a whole. For the properties we sell we design commercial strategies that allow us to achieve a high level of proficiency in our profession.

Work tools

From our inception, we have understood the need to get to the customer faster and accurately with the information they require. From the storefront, printed material such as property brochures, and internet marketing that we send to customers we have evolved in terms of communication.

Nowadays, we use the latest technologies available and make good use of the internet. CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) solutions and statistical analysis tools with Artificial Intelligence available online and always updated with the latest information allows our customers to monitor in real time our marketing activities of their properties and more information about what is happening.

Proximity and personal support

Despite all the technology used it has always been our policy to provide personalized support. Customers whether they are buyers or sellers will always have clear and real information, without going into daydreams and having false illusions. Our services are based on professional information and we are always close to our clients and area able to advise them in the best way possible to proceed.

Russell and Decoz try to be the best or better than anyone else. We believe in the "law of success" and try everything we can to realize the business because after all we only receive a payment if we succeed.

The services we provide to sellers:

  • Check all property documentation
  • Define a sales strategy
  • Analyze the property and discuss the value of the property
  • Check and advise if necessary how to improve the quality of the property
  • Choose customers who search for the product for visits 
  • Mediate the entire business in the most judicious manner
  • Assist in the realization of the entire bureaucratic part of the process

Consider the following aspects in the sale:

  • Don't take any risks when selling your property.
  • Visit the agent in their office or ask him to meet you at your property.
  • Analyze the company's knowledge in the local market.
  • Ask which marketing actions will be taken and who will perform them.
  • Ask lawyers, banks, notaries about the agency’s reputation. Understand all the sales processes, especially if for some reason it will be complicated.
  • Ask for a realistic price for to achieve a sale. It will be the market and buyers that set the price to be paid. Don't get carried away with illusions. Choose a realistic and well-argued proposal.
  • Ask about the commissions requested. You should not choose the cheapest but the most active / best seller for your property.
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